Delivery Models

Delivery Models

At Synergy, we excel at understanding business in different cultural settings. We also understand that not all business are same and requires a lot of in-depth study about both the market and their customer base which in turn provides the product returns.

Delivery requirements of our customers are different and diverse. To serve customers from different demographics, regions and origin, we provide different delivery models. Complexities including different business model and technical expertise help us classify different delivery models for diversified needs and expectations.

Our delivery modules are channelized accordingly to our technical expertise and development methodology such that the synchronization is automatic and returns are high. The main philosophical goal at Synergy is to provide a seamless, integrated delivery model that matches with the stakeholder's requirement and development methodology.

Onsite Delivery Model

Delivering in a continuous process, and we understand the notion of Onsite Delivery through continuous interaction.
Delivering a complex project, can be intimidating as it bears the gift of complexity. That's why, at Synergy, we offer Onsite delivery that takes care of all the intricacies required to pull off the job with our skilled team. The whole process starts from the inception of the project to the completion.
To overcome the complexities of the Onsite delivery, our team delivers on the similar path of the client's philosophy and working standards, exceeding the client's expectation.

Offshore Delivery Model

Working on an International Project is not an easy task. We, at Synergy, make every effort to work for a better relationship without foreign clients. Our expert team uses the latest technological research and skills to solve issues on different platforms without any difficulty. The OffShore Delivery module takes care of all the minute detail and challenges that create value for our OffShore Clients.

The whole process starts with the OffShore leader and Client Manger, making a complete analysis of the project, including the requirement, development and maintenance part. Once, the base is developed, we train and deploy our OffShore team to take care of the OffShore process.

Hybrid Delivery Model

Not all businesses are same and at Synergy, we understand the fact from the core. The inception of Hybrid Delivery Model enables clients to avail the benefits of both Onsite and OffSite Delivery Model. Cost benefits and delivery time are also enhanced in the Hybrid Delivery Model.

The luxury of using Hybrid Delivery Model is to provide both internal assessments and controlling the external environment to gain access to hidden resources which can further be analyzed to gain powerful insight and more time to understand market dynamics. Evident benefits of using Hybrid Model are decrease in the communication gap, 24/7 productivity and a complete control over the project internals.

Global Delivery Model

To gain an unparalleled competitive edge, business are going global. Synergy helps organizations to achieve globalization with the Global Delivery Model. Our Technical know-how enables large scale implementation of any process inducing benefits from all over the world. Outsourcing work becomes easier with Synergy handling your global needs.

To gain worldwide traction, Our Global Delivery Model is best suited as it clings on every single opportunity that races towards us.

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